Modern Embedded Software
for Medical Devices

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Hi, I'm Jeff Gable.

I help medical device companies develop better embedded software.

  • Requirements and Architecture
  • Agile Software Development
  • IEC 62304 Compliance
  • Regulatory Documentation

There's a better way to develop software

I regulary publish articles focused on modern software development for medical devices.

Here are some of my most popular pieces.

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[JGD] How to make existing software IEC 62304 compliant


"Jeff excels at aligning technical solutions with business goals.
His work has been critical to putting us on a path to success."

— Kiernan McGuire, CEO of Flashback Technologies

"Jeff gave a two-hour workshop on basic controls concepts. He provided clear, simple explanations that could save us days on our current and future projects. His advice on implementing PID control loops and tuning gains was spot on and extremely valuable."

— Ross Dehmoobed, VP of Software Development at Fusion Biotec

"Jeff delivers high-quality software that just works. He can seamlessly switch from troubleshooting deep technical problems to creatively discussing product development plans. He is a proactive, extremely capable engineer, and I would engage him without hesitation."

— Craig Smugeresky, Electrical Power Systems Lead for Blue Moon Lunar Lander at Blue Origin

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