Deep breath. Here we go.

I’ve joined the January 2020 cohort of “The Expertise Incubator”, a group coaching program for consultants led by Philip Morgan. The goal of this program is to, well, build expertise. In my specific case, as I am a consultant for the medical device industry, I’m participating to deepen and cultivate expertise that I can leverage to provide more value for my clients. I want to help my clients develop high-quality medical devices and successfully bring them to market, so that they can improve people’s lives. In service of that goal, I want to learn all that I can so that I can reduce my client’s uncertainty and help them navigate the challenges of the product development process.

The practice of publishing daily will push me out of my comfort zone and force me to think clearly, deeply, and publicly about my area of expertise. There are many topics, mostly technical, that I think I could riff on for quite some time. Publishing my thoughts on those topics will force me to understand them more completely. There are other topics that I want to become an expert on, but I’m not there yet. Writing about these topics daily will quickly uncover specific areas that I need to explore.

Thanks for coming along on the journey! I’m deeply grateful to be allowed space in your inbox and time out of your day. There may be technical hiccups as I iron out my process for daily publishing. Please tell me if you see bad email formatting, multiple emails with the same subject, odd publication frequency, or any other problem.

More importantly, please feel free to give feedback on my writing! The point of this exercise is to serve my audience and become a better writer. I’ll do better if I find out what works and what doesn’t. Any time you can spare to give feedback is greatly appreciated.