I’m working on a research project to explore the highest-ROI methods to verify and validate software for medical devices.

The first phase of this research is a survey to understand how companies are currently doing V&V.

The survey is live, and I’m currently recruiting responders on LinkedIn, at the rate of about 25 per day.

So far, 10 out of 50 invitees have filled out the survey. I’ve got about 850 people on my list, so if that percentage holds up, I should get at least 150 responses. 2 of the 10 have consented to a follow-up interview, so hopefully that means I’ll have at least 20 private interviews when this is complete. That should be enough data to draw some meaningful conclusions, or at least strongly guide the next phase of the research. It’s gratifying that I’m getting a decent response rate.

It’s far too early to report any results from the data, but there is a decent mix so far of people from large and small companies, and there is good variation in the types of verification techniques used and how effective people feel they are.

If you’re curious about this research method that I’m using, you can learn more here from my business coach Philip Morgan.

More updates to come!

Be safe out there, and happy developing.